The Artopia Potty People The Artopia Potty People Potty Penguin Person by Fran By Fran 154297456 Esmerelda by Helen Meet Esmerelda, a lovely little lady with a fabulous hat who likes a pot of tea. Since this photo Esmerelda unfortuntely has had to have plastic surgery. A BIG MAN with a wheelbarrow came along and broke her nose!! These days her preference is for peppermint tea as it tends to clear her damaged sinuses. 154298811 Josh by Helen Say Hi to Josh. Still a teenager, he hasn?t yet realised that too many lollies cause pimples. 154349824 Lady Burleigh by Helen Blue blooded Lady Burleigh, who?s never outdoors without a hat? ?Anyone for a G&T darling?? Has been known to be found face down in the flower bed. 154349825 Miss Potty by Helen The first of the Potty People. It all started with the fabulous lid that just had to become a hat for Miss Potty. 154349826 Andrew by Marleen 155064188 May Gee by Marleen 155064190 ED & Symonetta by Helen 155065365 Mrs Potter by Sandy Peeters 155065366 Pieter by Marleen 155065367 Installing the Potty People Here I am dressed like a potty peron and am installing my funny little friends in their new home in The Artopia Sculpture Garden 179994686