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Obsidian - 450grams


This beautiful black stone is a type of Volcanic glass. Its highly lustrous, reflective undulating surface lends itself to textural mosaics. You can use it as an alternative to black smalti or can combine it with other materials to give your work an extra dimension.

Concentric semicircular patterns can be present on some of the larger pieces. This pattern is created because of the way the rock fractures when split, this is called a conchoidal fracture and is very appealing when used as a focal point in a textural mosaic.


Break these pieces down into smaller peices with a hammer and hardie or by wrapping in a towel and striking with a hammer. You will get a combination of smaler pieces and flakes.  


$15 per 450gms plus postage


See other listings for smaller/larger pieces of Obsidian


PLEASE NOTE: Please Email us BEFORE you place your order if you are ordering more than 450g to work out postage, 

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