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Artistic Tints - FULL Pack: 25 tubes, one of each colour in the range.

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This is a great product. The tints are very intense so you only need a little bit to turn your boring white grout or glue into a wonderful colour. For pastel shades you only need a tiny drop and for a heavier colour you can add more and more until you reach your desired shade. It is fun to experiment and to try out different colours until you find one that suits your mosaic.

With exciting colours such as Peacock and Lipstick Red you will never find grouting a chore!

Because you can also use this product to colour paint, you can match your grout colour with your trims, such as the lip of a flower pot or the edge of a mirror.

For direct embedding work where grouting is not appropriate these tints are fantastic because you can colour your adhesive to perfectly complement your tesserae. A great choice when using Smalti, marble, found objects, natural materials, minerals and more.

The uses of Artistic Tints are endless. Get some today and COLOUR YOUR WORLD!

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